Life can sometimes be painful,
It can seem too much to bear.
The struggles are so disheartening,
Our hearts burdened with care.

The world carries on regardless,
Doesn’t stop just to hear us cry.
Everything has to keep moving.
Does anyone stop to ask why?

Why are we always so busy?
Why do we wear ourselves out?
Its no wonder the low times hit us so hard,
And we cry out to God, and we shout.


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It’s Yours

It’s Yours

Father God, here I am, I kneel before you with open hands, Here to receive, here to give, Here to offer this life I live.   Father God, I humbly bow, I’m ready to give it all up now, It’s yours to take, Yours to heal, Yours to change, no conditions, no deals.   Father God, I give you the praise, You’ve brought me through this disobedient phase, All the honour, all the glory, All thanks is yours,…

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Incredible God
Mighty Commander, all powerful King,
What can I do but look up and sing,
In worship to You God, my Saviour and Lord?
I love You King Jesus, You shall be adored.

Awesome Creator, life giving Word,
You fashioned the flower, gave voice to the bird,
Established the earth with beauty and care,
I’ll remember that, Jesus, when I breathe in the air.

Omniscient Master, all knowing Sophia,
When things get…

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I laugh
Jesus I kneel in wonder, thinking,
Of your precious gift – the cross.
I am stunned at the mercy & grace I find in You,
Oh loving God, I can’t thank You enough.

Its easy to become too accustomed to Your sacrifice,
So easy to lose the wonder of it all.
I often forget to be amazed at the very thought of You dying for my sins,
Oh Lord, help me to cherish it more dearly.

It started that first…

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How do they do it?

How do they do it?

There are many Christian’s I know
For whom faith is so simple.
They don’t get dragged down by big questions
Or base faith purely on principle.

They can tell a whole congregation
That ‘God is in this place’.
Or that if the shoes just don’t seem to fit,
Then God will fill up the space.

They can stand there and make the claim
That God will meet every need.
They don’t find it hard to say or believe

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Holy discontent?
The speaker rose from his seat
Silently moving centre-stage.
He stood quietly for a few moments
Then looked directly at me
Eyes flashing,
Lips quivering,
And spoke the words I longed him not to say;
‘Our God can do more than youcould ever ask or imagine’.

I narrowed my eyes and stared him down.
He never once shifted his gaze.
Then again, he spoke;
‘Thus says the Lord;
If you remain in me and my…

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Heartbeat of Love
A tender smile, a warm embrace,
A look of joy upon a face,
A motionless dance at a gentle pace,
All in the heartbeat of love.

A hurting neighbour, a strangers hand,
A fallen woman, helped to stand,
A welcome greeting in a foreign land,
All in the heartbeat of love.

A homeless girl given a chance,
A forgotten mother – a second glance.
A lonely widow asked to dance,
All in the heartbeat of love.

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Feeling Good
The sound of laughter, The squeeze of a shoulder, The wisdom of an elder, That’s what makes me feel good.   A friend my my side, A wink from a guy, A hug from behind, That’s what makes me feel good.   Holding a hand, A gift from a friend, A kiss on the head, That’s what makes me feel good

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Doubt http://wp.me/s2KmTX-doubt

I believe in you God, I think.
I don’t understand,
The world seems unplanned,
But I trust in you God, I think.

I want to believe in you God.
I’m hurting and scared,
In chains and ensnared,
But I want to trust in you God.

I need to know this is real.
Not just emotion and hype
Not made up tripe,
Jesus, can I trust its all real?

I still love you Father, I do.
But where are you Lord?
The God I…

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Candle http://wp.me/s2KmTX-candle

She blew out the candle and made herself boss
She removed the light and I’m feeling the loss
She messed up the image, turned it to moss
Now all is darkness

The candle smoulders, has hope returned?
It flickers a while, my stomach churns
But the flicker dies out and hope is spurned
Now all is darkness again

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